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Espaço do Piso

Conceito Múltiplos Collection

Client: Espaço do Piso
Date: 2017

The Conceito Múltiplos collection, developed by the Renata Rubim Design & Cores team for Espaço do Piso shop is made of modules which can be composed, multiplied and built with using small rugs, adjusting to various spaces and environments in these times of high mobility. These are multiple pieces and they adapt and transform according to each persons’ and situations’ needs, adding contemporary values of diversity and modular thinking to every space.
Renata’s life long love affair with rugs started at the very early age of 4 when, in kinder garden, the majority of her drawings were rugs.
She has been a professional rug designer since the age of 24. She started operating the loom herself, using natural sheep wool and sometimes dyeing the raw material herself to innovate in bold and unusual color matches. Later, she designed Avanti’s first chess patterned carpets. Years later, hired by Tabacow, she redefined the company’s color pallete and created irregular-shaped rugs for a show in New York City in 1992.
The list goes on: every time opportunity knocks, Renata designs rugs or carpets.
Now she’s back in great timing, to explore an area which arises bigger interest every day. Handcrafted goods, natural fibers, multiplicity of uses and the product’s origin (a community from the country side of the State of Minas Gerais). It’s the Conceito Múltiplos Collection, made with partner Espaço.

The rugs catch our attention with their colors and geometrical shapes, which are the designer’s trademarks. Made using100% cotton in hand-operated looms, the rugs have their production personalized, according to the client’s order. The client chooses one (or more) of the seven models which compose the collection, the size they want in growing units of 50 cm each and the color combination following what has been pre-established by the designer. The final product forms unseen visual patterns and doesn’t have seams, since each order has its production customized.

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